7 thoughts on “Ma.tt New Spring Design is LIVE!”

  1. It seems very well done. So to clarify, you were responsible for the xhtml and css, along with tying the site into the wordpress backend, aye? Are you typically hired for this on a regular basis? Are you availale, in general, to do this kind of work. Please let me know. Thanks.

  2. Great job Brian!

    I want to learn how to do my own wordpress themes. I have some experience in coding, css , but not a lot.

    can you point me in the right direction.

    thanks 🙂


  3. Brian,

    Please elaborate on this WP theme and your role in it. It’s just lovely! Made me really go “wow” and had to look into the graphic designer and then, of course, you, who made it all happen. Truly inspiring to see this kind of OUTSIDE-of-the-box (rather than out-of-the-box) creativity on the web.

    – Amy

    PS – you don’t use one of your own themes for your blog?

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