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Last week I was finally able to release the Vox Importer as a WordPress plugin. The plugin does have a dependency on the WP_Importer base class, so make sure to install that first.

This is nearly the same importer that we deployed to WordPress.com a few months ago. You can read about it on the WordPress.com blog. A few adjustments had to be made to make this plugin compatible with self-hosted WordPress blogs, but the functionality is basically the same.

When you have the Vox Importer installed, click on Tools -> Import from the WordPress admin screen. You should see Vox in the list of importers.

Type in your Vox host name, user name, and password. Click the Submit button. The importer will now validate your login credentials with Vox.

If the authentication succeeds, the import will now begin. Depending on the amount of posts, comments, and attachments the import may take a while. You can not navigate away from this page while the importer is working.

If the importer times out or runs out of memory during the import, just keep restarting it until it finishes. The importer keeps track of what it has already imported so that you don’t end up with duplicate posts.

If you have posts marked as private on your Vox blog, they will be marked as private in WordPress. You can optionally set a password for all posts imported from Vox.

Here is a potential gotcha. If any post with attachments is set to hidden, the importer can not import the attachments. The reason for this is because Vox does not give us the option to send authentication credentials when viewing or downloading attachments. The work around for this would be to set the posts to public in Vox, then run the importer. This works, but could get quite tedious if you have a lot of hidden or private posts with attachments.

Edit: I just realized that I had comments disabled on my site… fail. If you have any issues with the importer, please leave a comment or send me an email via my contact form.

8 thoughts on “Vox Importer Plugin”

  1. I ran into an error while activating the plug-in, and I do have 2.9.2 and the other required plug-in.

    Hmm. Here’s the error:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /homepages/37/d221165963/htdocs/dukecityfood/wp-content/plugins/vox-importer/vox.php on line 30

    Hope that helps – not sure if anyone else has seen this before.

    1. Looks like this may be a PHP 4 issue. I just realized that I coded the plugin for PHP 5. I’ve updated it just now to work with PHP 4. If you see version 0.5 in the plugin updates, that one should work.

  2. I was able to import my posts but all my photos are the wrong size (much smaller than they were on Vox). Is this a known issue or did I do something wrong?

      1. Hi Brian, sorry I forgot to include a link to the blog. This is my current WP.com blog:


        And for comparison, here is the Vox blog I imported from:


        Most of the photos came out smaller than they were on Vox, and a couple were randomly larger than the rest. Some of the photos that were originally small are now bigger too. Basically all the sizes displayed in the WP posts are wrong 🙁

        1. I see what happened now. The importer did grab the full size images correctly.
          When the importer goes back and changes the image URL’s to point to the image in the media library it uses the default WordPress medium thumbnail size which is 300px wide. This size is different from Vox’s default size of 500px wide.
          If you look at the thumbnail image source in your blog posts you will see a ?w=300 appended to the URL. you can change that 300 to 500, save the post and it should re-size it properly.
          I’m an administrator on wordpress.com, I can bulk edit the image thumbnails to 500 if you’d like. Just let me know.

          1. Yes, if you could bulk edit all the thumbnails to 500 pixels that would be perfect, thanks!!

            I noticed that they had the w=300 appended to the URL, but I didn’t see anything change when I changed the media thumbnail/med/large sizes under Settings>Media, so I wasn’t sure how to bulk edit the hundreds of photos I have posted without changing the URL for each one.

            For my future reference, if I preset the medium thumbnail size on my WordPress dashboard to be 500pixels, will future imported Vox posts have the correct size photos displayed? Thanks again for your help!!

          2. Ok, I’ve finished the bulk edit for you. All thumbnails changed to w=500. I’ve also stripped out the Vox links in the footer of each post. You should be able to look at the post revisions on the edit post screen to see what I’m talking about.

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