Crackerjack Marigolds

The Crackerjack Marigold seeds that I got in my Field Notes “Packets Of Sunshine” sprouted last week. I thought I’d share a few photos of them as they grow.

I’ll keep updating this gallery every few days or so. I’m not sure yet if I’ll keep them in terra-cotta pots or plant them in the ground. I have a bunch of other Marigolds that are nearly ready for planting too.


I built an EarthTainer™ on Sunday. Just like the guide says, I was able to find nearly all of the required parts at my local Lowe’s. The one exception is the 5” Net pot for the wicking basket. Next time I’m in Rogers I’ll stop by Anuway Hydroponics and see if they have it.

I went ahead and used the 10” square one that Lowe’s had. I’m hoping that this one minor detail change doesn’t screw the whole thing up.

I did make a few tweaks while building. I used zip ties instead of a wire rope clip for securing the tomato cages together. I zip tied the 4” PVC aeration bench supports to the bench so that they wouldn’t shift around while moving the box. I also zip tied the tomato cage legs to the aeration bench instead of using a wire rope clip.

I love zip ties and I have a lot of them. I’m also pretty sure they are cheaper than the clips.

I don’t even have a clue how long it took to build the thing. I kind of worked on and off most of the afternoon.

Here is the list of supplies that I bought.

Item Quantity Unit Price Total
31 Gal Rugged Tote 2 $12.97 $25.94
4″ X 5′ S40 PVC Pipe 1 $7.12 $7.12
1 1/2″ X 5′ S40 PVC Pipe 1 $2.62 $2.62
3X50 Landscape Fabric 1 $9.92 $9.92
1 1/2″ S40 PVC Cap 1 $0.83 $0.83
1/8″ Wire Rope Clip 8 $0.48 $3.84
1/4″ X 1 1/4″ Fender Washers (pack) 1 $7.97 $7.97
3/16″ X 2″ Toggle Bolts (12 pack) 1 $3.98 $3.98
10″ Planter Basket 1 $3.94 $3.94
54″ Tomato Cage 2 $4.58 $9.16
Total: $75.32

The estimated project cost for one EarthTainer™ is supposed to be around $33. It may seem like I’m way over budget, but keep in mind that some of the products listed above are not sold as single pieces. If I decide to build another one, I wont have to buy some of these parts again.

Got my new Field Notes today

Here for your viewing pleasure is a little Field Notes porn. Very sexy!

I was pleasantly surprised at all of the free stuff included in the package. By they way, How did they know that I love Marigolds? I can’t wait to get them planted. I’ll post pictures of them as soon as they start sprouting.

I’m also loving the pencil. I’ve been writing with an ink pen for so long that I’d forgotten how it feels to write with a pencil.

I can’t wait until they release the Orange books. Do want.