Getting popular again

I’m still amazed at all the referring traffic I’ve been getting lately.  According to Google Analytics I’ve had visits to this site from 50 countries.

United States, France, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Argentina, Belgium, Italy, Australia, Denmark, Netherlands, China, Spain, Malaysia, India, Austria, Poland, Philippines, Mexico, Norway, Greece, Sweden, Latvia, Venezuela, South Africa, Peru, Uruguay, Egypt, Switzerland, Brazil, Kuwait, Jordan, Singapore, Cyprus, Portugal, Bolivia, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Turkey, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Iran, Vietnam, Mauritius, Israel, Finland, Ireland, Taiwan

Seems like I’m even getting some love from my home state of Arkansas!  Magnolia, Cabot, Hope, and Pine Bluff so far.  Leave a comment the next time you stop by.

Y’all come back now, ya hear?