Tea, Earl Grey, Hot

Captain Picard references aside, I finally tried Earl Grey tea. Hot.

I have never brewed loose tea before. Laura and I finally found time to check out Ozark Natural Foods in Fayetteville. I was impressed. Very reminiscent of Trader Joe’s. They have a loose tea dispenser on the north wall of the store. That’s the left side if you are looking at the front of the building. Much to my surprise, they had Earl Grey. I thought to myself, “Self, let’s brew some loose tea.”

On the way home I realized that I didn’t have a tea strainer. Wal-Mart to the rescue. I don’t think I’ve ever made it out of Wal-Mart only spending $3.

Next problem, I didn’t actually know how to properly brew loose tea. Me being the geek that I am, I Google it. I don’t have a proper tea-pot, so a medium sauce pan would have to do. I’m still not sure if I did it right, but the tea tasted good and strong the way I like it. Sweetener aside, I drink tea and coffee black. No milk or lemon for me.

My usual hot tea is Constant Comment® from Bigelow. I have always bought it in bags, but I just found out that they sell it loose in a can too.

One thought on “Tea, Earl Grey, Hot”

  1. Being a tea junkie as well as a design junkie, my personal favorite has always been Earl Grey. It’s tea at it’s best – free from added flavors (apart from bergamot). I recommend it to anyone that doesn’t usually drink tea. However, black tea contains more teine than green tea, and herbal teas usually doesn’t contain any type of caffeine, so therefore I sometimes shy away from black tea. I recommend Liptons White Tea, which is a really good and neutral blend of green tea and another personal favorite of mine.

    As far as I know you can actually brew tea (I have an electric tea-brewer) but I think tea often is best brewed the regular way: Add the tea to a tea strainer, pour hot water over it (at least boiling) and let it soak.. For black tea I think it’s 4 minutes that’s the best amount of time, if left for too long the tea might become bitter. Green teas can soak a bit longer.

    I’m glad you’ve discovered the world of tea again 🙂 I love these stores where you can select whatever different blends of teas you want and just mix yourself in a bag, and then let your friends try out your own mixes.

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